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                                        Color Schemes for Web Design

You have probably heard the common phrase repeated over and over again that a website is only as effective as the number of visitors it can attract and retain. While this statement remains true, many people still do not understand how to go about the smaller details that make their websites stand out. In this article by we shall narrow down our focus to colors and see how they can influence your online visibility.

Importance of Color Schemes

The right choice of colors goes a long way in highlighting your website.

The first significant role served by colors is of course causing the visual appeal. Regardless of how much substance your website contains, it will almost attract no visitor if the color used is dull and boring. Even if you manage to attract a few visitors, they will still need an impetus to scroll through your web pages and using inviting colors is one way of ensuring this happens.

Another important function performed by these colors is that of mood setting. The colors used immediately tell your visitors what to expect even before they click ’Next’’ to maneuver through your web pages.

How To Choose Colors For Your Web Pages

Naturally, we all have our specific favorite colors and when designing our websites, we may be tempted to have a color scheme that features our very favorites. However, expert web designers disagree and recommend that at all cost, personal tastes should never determine the color schemes of our websites. On the contrary, the scheme should be dictated by the general goal that the site is trying to achieve.

If your website is one that focuses on, say printing of yellow pages, it would be inappropriate to have a color scheme that is a sharp contrast of yellow such as red. This will not only create confusion among your customers but will also create the impression of an illegitimate business.

The audience you aim to target should also be taken into consideration when choosing an appropriate color scheme for your website. If you are in the clothing business and happen to focus on female and children clothes, it would be more ideal to pamper your site with brighter and sharper colors as opposed to when dealing in official and formal wear.


When it comes to color schemes for your website, there is a fine line between what is right and what is appropriate. Though often dismissed as petty details, the choice of colors might spell the difference between a high-traffic site and one with no traffic at all. In case you are in doubt, you could always use the services of professional website designers near you.